History of scrapbooking

Email Today, plenty of people still love to cut and paste, Moms in particular. A quick look around this house says it all: The hobby that preserves cherished family memories also aims to protect news and history from being lost to time.

History of scrapbooking

Come hear my talk Scrapbooks and the Hidden Life of Suffrage: How did suffragists manage all the different arguments and strands of information to create a powerful and effective movement that spanned decades? In their scrapbooks, suffragists collected the history of their movement, strategized about public speaking, and explained their work to their families.

Scrapbooks played a key role in transmitting tactics and stories. Anthony fought to place her 13 volume scrapbook in the Library of Congress. Lillie Devereux Blake used her clippings in her speeches against domestic violence, and taught her readers how to use scrapbooks.

In the s, as the suffrage movement sped toward ratification, it became increasingly professionalized and ran its own clipping services. Scrapbooks supported its growing public relations campaigns.

Anti-suffragists used the same materials, though the scrapbook of a dedicated anti-suffragist PR woman shows her busy inventing facts to get her stories noticed. These scrapbooks open a window into the lives of the thousands of ordinary women who became suffragists. They let us see how these earlier generations of campaigners and supporters used the press, while they reveal an intimate side of well known suffragists.Scrapbooking America | scrapbooking - October 23, A Brief History of Scrapbooking in America – Scrapbooking – by Debbie Hodge.

From my interview with Patricia Buckler, co-editor of The Scrapbook in American Life in Scrapbooking is a method of preserving, presenting, arranging personal and family history in the form of a book, box, card.

Typical memorabilia include photographs, printed media, and artwork. Scrapbook albums are often decorated and frequently contain extensive journaling. How did suffragists manage all the different arguments and strands of information to create a powerful and effective movement that spanned decades?

History of scrapbooking

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Timeline of Scrapbooking/Memory Keeping in America

Scrapbooking her family history. Now you can too! Really/5(9). As scrapbooking grew in popularity, it came to be a true historical resource. Alexander Gumby, who was born into poverty in the s, was a cafeteria worker in the lunchroom at Columbia rutadeltambor.comd: Sep 18, The History of Stamping Ink A large antique ink pad from the s alongside modern day ink pads Along with the invention of the block, for printing, an important sister-invention made the evolution of stamping as we know it today possible - and that's ink, specifically intended for printing and stamping.

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