How to write a press release for music artist

If your music simply is not at a the level where PR will help, a publicist should tell you this. Most publicists charge thousands a month whether they bring you results or not.

How to write a press release for music artist

Here is what I say: I will not write a press release for an upcoming EP or album. Okay, now that I got that out of the way, here is how to create a press release in 8 steps. A press release should be one page only and on your letterhead.

Step 2 — Contact Information Contact Info should include your first and last name or the first and last name of a specific person a phone number and an email address. It should look like this: Step 5 — Opening Paragraph: This initial paragraph should always grab the reader and answer all of the basic questions the reader might have.

Step 6 — Second Paragraph: This will include further information, more details, an engaging story, a quote about your music, or about the topic of the release from reviewers, fans, a producer, a venue owner or an industry tastemaker because what other people say is always taken more seriously and is more believable than your own hype and the USP — Unique Selling Point — a short description that captures the sound of the music pretend that the reader may never actually hear it and include what makes you stand out.

Step 8 — The 3 Hashtags — The End! This indicates that the press release is finished and there is not another page to your release.“Inspired, powerful R&B showcases Salgado’s exceptional range and muscular, soulful vocals” –Billboard.

If you are a promoter or publicity coordinator new to the PR biz, this might help guide you. If you simply fill in the blanks and italicized areas, and paste the result into your own word processor, you will have an adequate press release for your local media outlets.

Award-winning soul, blues and R&B vocalist Curtis Salgado’s earth-shaking vocals and forceful harmonica playing have been devastating audiences around the world for over 30 years. I n the last piece of our Mastering Music PR series, we covered the foundations of outbound marketing and the role that publicists play, as well as the different music promotion services they offer.

Building upon that, we’re going to be going deep on music blogs, Hype Machine, Submithub, and how to best approach getting featured on these blogs.

how to write a press release for music artist

Like any skill, writing a press release becomes easier and the results more polished with practice and exercise. You might consider using other quotes from my press kit, or composing a paragraph about my background or my music in the style of your local paper, if you know they tend to reprint press releases in whole.

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In an era where most up-and-coming independent hip-hop artists are just spamming links and flooding Twitter with their music, with no real promotion plan or marketing strategy, writing and distributing a press release can be the one tool that helps you stand out.

Legendary Swedish progressive rockers Kaipa, led by mastermind Hans Lundin, have announced the release of their new studio album ‘Children of the Sounds’ for 22nd September

How to Write a Press Release for Music