Labre ungali

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Labre ungali

Assignment One How very unlike me, doing things out of sequential order. Assignment one asked us to watch an educational television program and examine its goals, objectives, and production techniques.

Had I read the assignment beforehand, I would have remembered that the show we chose was supposed to be a maximum of fifteen minutes long. Instead, I watched Bill Nye jabber on about bridges, canals, and freeways for an hour. Regardless of my error, I did analyze the video and, to be perfectly honest, it was quite repetitive so I can comment on one segment and the whole video all at once.

If only I had recognized that after the first hour! Oh well, you know what they say about hindsight… I believe the goals and objectives of this program are mainly information dissemination-based. It is definitely an edutainment video — seemingly dull, curricular information passed along in the most exciting way possible.

The program had everything education theory says a lesson should have.


The whole production started with an introduction outlining the topics to be discussed in short, flashy, vibrant clips well hello there, motivational set! The segments of the video were separated like a text book would be with each different architectural or engineering focus being a separate chapter.

Each chapter started with an interesting fact or a demonstration of why the architecture was forced to adapt and evolve like a clip of the Tacoma narrows bridge swaying in the wind and falling into the water. Other educational features of the video included: Moving onto the video production side of things, I noticed a lot of diversity when it came to shot choices.

Case in point, a low-angle shot of a pair of feet walking down a cobblestone road illustrated the realities of the first roads and a dolly shot simulated travelling down the road in the interstate segment.

In addition, low and high angles of skyscrapers and panoramic views of skylines help perpetuate the grandeur of those buildings. Many times, a zoom technique was used on still photos to give the illusion of movement and provide focus.

In class, Jay said that sound is crucial to the quality of a video and that was apparent in several ways in this video.

Labre ungali

First off, the musical choices were very well made. Most of the audio in this video was excellent and complemented the visual quite nicely.

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One notable exception was an interview scene with a professional in the water treatment section. They interviewed him outside of the water station and had the waterfall sound in the background. While creating authenticity, it felt like white noise in the background and I found it very distracting.

In the miscellaneous and not-very-surprising category, I noticed that green screen was used in several scenes. The effect was somewhat comedic, yet still fit into the general tone of the presentation. There were many transitions between clips and they varied in complexity.

Some were a simple fade or wipe, and others used custom animations instead. Of course, there was also a flashy introduction at the beginning with theme music and clips of cool experiments from other episodes and a credit reel at the end.

Labre ungali

Both included bright colours, lots of movement, and catchy music. I would definitely use this with my students if I were ever given the opportunity to teach about architecture or engineering. Bill certainly makes it more entertaining and accurate!

MissPeaswiki give it an enthusiastic 4 film reels out of 5.Bonjour tout le monde. November 15, by lisasomerville. Bonjour!

Gr 5 is progressing well with their new and longer play, ‘L’arbre Ungali’. This group is very keen. The class has doubled in number since last year and the new students are definitely keeping up. Jan. "A stick is straightened while still young" - Kiga, Ankole (Uganda) Proverb African Proverb of the Month January Akati kinikwa kakiri kabisa.

(Kiga) Mti hukunjwa wakati ungali mchanga.

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(Swahili) On redresse l’arbre quand il est encore jeune. (French) A stick is straightened while still young. (English) Kiga, Ankole (Uganda. Use the "Printable HTML" button to get a clean page, in either HTML or PDF, that you can use your browser's print button to print.

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