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FASB Tackles Thorny Disclosure Effectiveness Issues But real options work only if a company is truly prepared to cancel a project if the numbers look bad after the initial investment.

The flaw in the theory is not its complexity, as some have said, but the fact that it ignores the psychological and political realities of capital investments. Granted, the technique for valuing real options—based on the Black- Scholes method for modeling option prices—is more formidable than that used in NPV calculations, at least at first glance.

If the resulting present value of those cash flows exceeds the cost of capital and the NPV of alternative investments, the company proceeds with the project. With real options, also called strategic options, a decision tree is plotted showing a series of different scenarios that could develop at various points throughout the life of the project.

Then probabilities and discount rates are attached to each scenario and the cash flow is discounted back to the present. If the outcome is positive, the company makes at least a partial investment.

The most important difference between real options and traditional NPV is that while NPV analysis is basically an all-or-nothing approach, real options analysis lets a company make an initial investment and then proceed—or not—as the project develops.

The trouble is, the flexibility created by a Black-Scholes analysis must be supported by corporate discipline for the analysis to hold any water. Traditional financial options, after all, are contracts with a specified expiration date, and their value tracks that of an underlying security.

This explains why real options analysis can so readily be applied to projects in the energy business, where the use of futures contracts and exploration leases with definite terms is commonplace. You can also securitize the projected cash flows, as noted finance theorist Robert Merton has recommended.

However, securitization may not always be effective, especially in pharmaceuticals and other industries in which there is considerable regulatory and other exogenous risk. So much for flexibility. When exactly do you shut it down, and is there a good mechanism in sight to do that?

General Motors and Ford, for instance, are developing applications for automobiles using the global positioning system GPS satellite network in combination with wireless technology.

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Getting Exercized Given the valuation discrepancies, most Wall Street analysts remain skeptical about real options analysis. Laura Martin, a CSFB equity analyst, made much the same point as far back as Julywhen she applied real options analysis to the cable industry.

Today, of course, the wherewithal of these and other companies to exploit their options has been reduced by the recent downturn in the capital markets. But if such change is necessary in the first place, green-lighting a project based on real options analysis amounts to putting the cart before the horse.

Ronald Fink ronaldfink cfo. The real value of a real option may have as much, if not more, to do with the nature of the holder than with that of the option.

The typical real options analysis, for instance, would assume that automotive applications based on GPS-wireless also known as telematics applications represented—at least at the outset—the same opportunity for both Ford and GM.

And that each, therefore, possessed the same options and faced the same decision about investing in them. But because the companies have approached the technology so differently, the value of their options has also turned out to be different, according to Boston University finance professor Nalin Kulatilaka.Car Valuation by Registration.

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Laura martin real options valuation in

But for a genuine, free car value try a Regit car valuation now. Laura Martin: Real Options and the Cable Industry Introduction Laura Martin was an equity research analyst for cable stocks, which accepted that the most ideal approach to value cable stocks was through innovative strategies, for example, real option and not through more customary or common valuation systems, for example, EBITDA multiples, Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) and Discounted Cash .

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Laura martin real options valuation in

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Check the background of this firm on FINRA's BrokerCheck. Advanced Corporate Finance and Modeling – FINA Assignment #1 – Laura Martin: Real Options and the Cable Industry 1. Consider the multiples analysis developed in Exhibits 2,5 & 6 Please describe the method of ‘Multiples’ using case numbers and answer to the following questions: 1.

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