Mmw 12 writing a letter

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Mmw 12 writing a letter

This website is out of date. Herbst's NEW course and programs site is: Course Description MMW 13 provides a framework for understanding significant developments and changes in world history from to This is a period of transition with increased interaction between cultures and continents through trade, exploration, military conflict, migration, and missionary activity.

It is an era of innovation in political and philosophical ideas, technological advancement, and religious belief.

MMW 13 examines a selection of civilizations and cultures and encounters their growing ties and tensions as they transition from the medieval into the early modern period. We will study the expansion of inter-continental networks that integrated the Americas into the existing Afro-Eurasian system, creating a global network which systematically moved products, ideas, technologies, peoples, and even diseases across cultural and oceanic divides.

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MMW 13 looks at the emergence of Western influence on the world stage and indigenous responses to that influence. The course concludes with a consideration of scientific inquiry and religious belief and the tension therein, a tension that continues to have a profound impact on our world today.

Course Syllabus and information: A Global Perspective on the Past. Custom Edition for MMW. Erik Gilbert and Jonathan Reynolds.

Commodity and Cultural Exchange to Upper Saddle New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall, Lunsford, Easy Writer, 4th edition Boston: Articles will be posted on https: It can also be sold back to the bookstore at the end of the quarter. I use clickers to develop more meaningful engagement in lecture and to promote learning.

I will ask questions and solicit your responses several times each lecture and I will discuss the results with you in class. You are required to bring the clicker to each lecture and you are responsible to ensure that the clicker is working properly.

It is your responsibility to ensure that it works properly. The same academic integrity standards apply to clicker assessments as to written assessments: Violation of academic integrity standards, whether on a writing assignment, exam, or clicker assessment, will result in academic and non-academic consequences.

To pass this course, you must satisfy all course requirements; i.MMW Classical and Medieval Traditions (6 credits) Professor Chang Sections C07, 08, 12 When you email me you should adhere to the formal principles of letter writing.

mmw 12 writing a letter

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NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: Integrity Drive, Millington TN Address Correspondence to: Attn: PERS-### or BUPERS-### This is an official U.S. Navy Website. If you have selected Pass/No Pass as a grading option for MMW 12, you should immediately change your option to letter grade, or you will not fulfill the ERC General Education Requirement and will have to .

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