My prized possessions in life

He is already cremated as suggested by doctors.

My prized possessions in life

I figured since they are indeed so important to me, maybe I'd share them with you too. Read on for more pictures and their stories. The two flashier ones on the left I've had and worn for years.

My prized possessions in life

The pearl one in particular is a real showstopper, but these were just gifts she received from suitors back in the day see point 5 of this post. And yes, one of them is an engagement ring that someone let her keep even after she'd graciously declined the offer.

My prized possessions in life

So, they don't hold a ton of sentimental value, per se, but they obviously make me think of my mom. Specifically, I always think of this picture where she seems to be rocking every ring she owned pretty hard, but once she married my dad, she never wore any of these gifted rings again.

So, yeah, I had a pretty awesome collection of rings that I've gotten to wear my entire life. It's this one in particular -- the most modest of the set -- that is the most important to me, as it was to her. This ring belonged to my grandmother, and it didn't become mine until my mom had passed away just 4 months ago.

I never met my grandmother Velvie, as she met a tragic end far too soon when my mom was in her early 20s -- an event that very obviously broke my mom's heart and had a heavy hand in defining who my mom was for the rest of her life. For this reason, this ring was easily one of my mom's most prized possessions.

In fact, on the day of my mom's funeral, we weren't sure whether we should send the ring with her or keep it -- a decision we couldn't even bring ourselves to make until just moments before they closed the casket for the last time.

I'm glad we made the decision we did. In fact, we remembered the regret my mom felt that they had left certain sentimental jewelry with her mother. Neither side of my family is that kind that has heirlooms or fine jewelry that they pass down for generations, which makes this modest little ring all the more special.

Eventually I might replace the diamond chip that was lost somewhere along the way, but for now, I have a hard time taking it off at all. I know it's just a thing, a worldly possession, but I feel so lucky to have this little reminder of my beautiful mom.

Do you have a "most" prized possession?


Or something with sentimental value?Sep 30,  · A new survey shows that when it comes to the battle of the sexes, Americans' most prized possessions are very different. Whenever if someone asked me before to list my most prized possessions I would immediately talk about my precious, costly and rare materials I possess.

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Prize Possessions

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My Yesterday was easy to use and allowed me to easily capture what was important in my mother’s life. It’s a book that will become one of my family’s most prized possessions.

- . What Most People Consider as Prized Possessions. My wife, Harleena, treasures the things passed on to her by her mother, of which some were passed on to her mother – by her mother. How I Lost My Prized Possessions. macchiata (59) in life • 2 months ago (59) in life • 2 months ago.

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In answer to the question, one of my favorite possessions will always be my collection of .

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