Organizing function of management essay

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Organizing function of management essay

Leave a comment Four Functions of Management Paper The discipline of management can be divided into four specific functions, which include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

A strong manager should be able to demonstrate some degree of proficiency in all of these four areas. There are many internal and external variables that can influence the execution of effective management tactics Norman Using Target Corporation as an examplethe following paper will examine how internal and external forces affect the four functions of management.

MGT About this Resource: A definition of the four functions of management and how they are used by Target Corporation. Planning Planning assesses the direction of a project and recommends specific tactics that will lead to the accomplishment of goals. Target Corporation is global discount retailer that relies on a complex supply chain to operate efficiently.

The company has expanded its presence to global locations in Canada and India in recent years and most of its products are manufactured in China Target Corporation Prior to launching a new global location, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the local culture and their buying habits.

Knowing the preferences of the intended customer base allows the company to create a management plan that will be effective across many different global cultures.

Ultimately, the company must find a balance between its own corporate culture and that of the surrounding community. Organizing Managers have a finite amount of resources and they must use organization skills to ensure that they are used effectively. At Target retail stores, managers must balance human resources and merchandise inventory simultaneously.

A variety of retail technologies have made the job or retail managers easier by giving them rapid access to information. For example, barcode scanners make it possible for managers to keep a running inventory of all products within the store.

If a certain item is low on inventory, they can take the necessary steps order additional products for the store. In addition, time management software is used to track employee hours and make sure the store is always fully staffed.

Leading Leadership is a skill that is used to motivate and inspire fellow organization members. Managers that use this skill effectively will be able to keep their subordinates happy and willing to embrace change. Diversity is a factor that can have a considerable influence on the leadership function of management.

Target Corporation has a very diverse workforce, which requires leaders to create messages that appeal to a wide audience. Leaders at Target must embrace diversity and avoid isolating workers based on their demographic background.

In many cases, employees will need to work together to achieve common goals within the organization. Strong leadership will inspire all employees to synergize, no matter how culturally diverse they may be.

Organizing function of management essay

Another factor that influences the leadership function is ethics. The modern business world places a high level of importance on corporate and social responsibility. Effective leaders will recognize that socially beneficial initiatives are often more beneficial for the company over the long term when compared to profit maximization.

Leaders that can take advantage of the ethics factor will increase the value of the company. Controlling Decisions do not always produce the expected results, which requires managers to use controlling skills to change the situation.

The process of controlling can be defined as constantly monitoring established objectives and making changes when necessary. Innovation is force that will often allow improvements to be made on established objectives and goals. Managers can look for innovative opportunities to that will improve the performance of the company.

In the case of Target Corporation, managers have been scrambling to innovate their customer data practices after a major security breach Arkin The compromise of customer data has given managers the motivation needed to control the situation on look for innovative ways to prevent similar future occurrences.

In summary, the four functions of management are very important for the sustained success of Target Corporation in the future.4 Functions of Management Process: Planning, Organizing, Leading, Controlling 4 Basic Functions of Management is a systematic way of doing things.

We refer to management as a process to emphasize that all managers, irrespective of their aptitude or skill, engage in some inter-related functions in order to achieve their desired goals. Excerpt from Essay: management function organizing meet goals businesses today.

Write a paper considers strategic role human resource management driving organizational performance. A few months of age appropriate games do fall management paper term organizing function of into poverty by their own cultural terms.

In this chapter and the meaning making process, involving both teachers and higher levels of analysis to be cut or getting even, common in the essay. Planning is an essential management function. In every organization, managers plan a wide variety of actions on a daily and long-term basis.

As part of their jobs, managers are required to define the specific goals of an organization and develop the plans for attaining them. Four Functions of Management. Management can be defined as getting work done using other people in groups which are formally organized and also use of minimum effort by management to get maximum results and in the long run ensuring maximum satisfaction to the employees, employer and service to the customers.

Organizing Functions of Management Analytical Essay by Calwriter Organizing Functions of Management A discussion why organizing functions of management in an organization related to human resources and knowledge are especially crucial to an organization's success.

Organizing function of management essay
Organizing Function of Management Essays