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Person legend

Buganda Nnono, Busujju The ease with which Kintu was accepted by all the clan elders, and the elaborate power sharing arrangement that was established after his accession to the throne would appear to support the contention that indeed he was a returning native born prince rather than an unknown foreign born invader.

Clearly, there is still a lot of work to be done in unearthing the early history of Buganda. According to this legend, which we will detail in a moment, Kintu was the first person on earth.

Unfortunately, many writers of the history of Buganda have confused the two people called Kintu; i. Kintu the first king of Buganda, and Kintu the alleged first man on earth.

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Quick Answer Or at least she was.

This confusion has led some to conclude that there was never a king called Kintu, and that Kintu is merely a legend. What Baganda scholars assert however, is that Kintu was indeed a legend relating the creation of man.

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Creation stories abound in all cultures and that there should be a creation story among the Baganda is not surprising. Thus the Baganda regarded the Kintu in this legend as the father of all people.

It appears that when Kato established himself as king, he gave himself the name Kintu, a name that he knew the Baganda associated with the father of all people.

Thus Kintu was in effect trying to establish his legitimacy as ruler of the Baganda by associating himself with the legendary first person in Buganda. It is for this reason that he also named his principal wife Nambi.

With that in mind, let us now detail the legend of Kintu the first person on earth. Kintu the Legend Long long ago, Kintu was the only person on the earth. He lived alone with his cow, which he tended lovingly. Ggulu the creator of all things lived up in heaven with his many children and other property.

Nambi was very fascinated with Kintu and she felt pity for him because he was living alone. She resolved to marry him and stay with him despite the opposition from her brothers. Ggulu was not pleased that his daughter wanted to get married to a human being and live with him on the earth.

But Nambi pleaded with her father until she persuaded him to bless the union. After Ggulu decided to allow the marriage to proceed, he advised Kintu and Nambi to leave heaven secretly.

He advised them to pack lightly and that on no condition were they to return to heaven even if they forgot anything. Among the few things that Nambi packed, was her chicken.

They set out for earth early the next morning. But while they were descending, Nambi remembered that she had forgotten to bring the millet that her chicken would feed on. If you do, you will meet Walumbe and he will surely insist on coming with you.

When she reached the house, she took the millet from the porch, but on her way back, she suddenly met Walumbe who asked: Nambi did not know what to say.

Person legend

Filled with curiosity, Walumbe insisted on going with her. Therefore Kintu and Nambi were forced to go to earth together with Walumbe. It did not take long for Kintu and Nambi to get children.

Walumbe became very angry with Kintu for refusing him the simple favor he had asked.

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Naturally, this caused a deep rift between them. Ggulu rebuked Kintu, reminding him of the original warning he had disregarded. Kintu blamed Nambi for returning to get the millet.

Ggulu then sent another of his sons, Kayikuuzi, to go back to earth with Kintu and try to persuade Walumbe to return to heaven or if necessary return him by force.

On reaching earth, Kayikuuzi tried to persuade Walumbe to go back to heaven but Walumbe would not hear of it. Kayikuuzi decided to capture Walumbe by force, and a great fight broke out between them. But as Walumbe was about to be overpowered, he escaped and disappeared into the ground.

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Kayikuuzi went after him, digging huge holes in the ground to try and find his brother. When Kayikuuzi got to where he was hiding, Walumbe run back out to the earth. Further struggle between the brothers ensued but once again Walumbe escaped into the ground.One of the many profound lessons in Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist is that each person must discover his or her own "personal legend"—the unique path that leads to an individual's destiny.

Paulo says he is " percent convinced" every person has a personal legend, but he says he doesn't believe every person will realize his or hers. Kintu the Person vs Kintu the Legend. The legend of Kintu is told by the Baganda as the story of the creation.

According to this legend, which we will detail in a moment, Kintu was the first person on earth. Legend is a genre of folklore that consists of a narrative featuring human actions perceived or believed both by teller and listeners to have taken place within human history.

Narratives in this genre may demonstrate human values, and possess certain qualities that give the tale, for its active and passive participants, .

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