The life and contribution of james luther bevel

Bevel acted on several of these major history changing events with a quick "second to the motion" by his wife Diane Nash, arguably--and seemingly easily proven--the most important female participant in the Civil Rights era. Results of Maintaining Integrity in Nonviolent Movements The first task James Bevel choose for himself when the Nashville students decided to experiment with nonviolence pertained to a quote he'd read from Mohandas Gandhi. In Jim Bevel's words:

The life and contribution of james luther bevel

Insisting on designated speakers was crucial to the careful strategy of the Nashville sit-ins to de-segregate lunch counters. Diane Nash, a Chicago native, first became actively involved with the Civil Rights Movement inwhen she enrolled in Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee, and came face to face with the pervasive segregation of the Jim Crow South for the first time in her life.

Nash's early efforts included orchestrating the first successful civil rights campaign to de-segregate lunch counters, as well as helping to found the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, a group that became one of the most influential during the Civil Rights Movement. Nash is widely recognized for her leadership in the Freedom Rides, a campaign to desegregate interstate travel.

She worked tirelessly to recruit new Freedom Riders, and gain the support of national Movement leaders and the federal government. Nash later played a major role in the Birmingham de-segregation campaign ofand the Selma Voting Rights Campaign of Nash remained active throughout the Civil Rights Movement, and later in the Vietnam peace movement.

InNash returned to Chicago to work in education, real estate and fair housing advocacy. A lot of people say, oh, you're so brave and think I wasn't afraid, and that is not true. I was really, really, afraid.

I went to Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. That was the first time that I personally had encountered signs that said white and colored on water fountains and restrooms. It was possible for blacks to buy food in a restaurant on a carry-out basis, but you couldn't sit in the restaurant and eat it.

I found that humiliating. I was afraid to be chairperson, and I remember thinking, we are facing white racist businessmen and politicians, and who are we?

A group of students, 18, 19, 20 years old. Our first sit-in was February We targeted six lunch counters. People often have the impression that a group of black students would say, hey, let's have a sit-in, but there was a great deal of work and planning that went into it.

One of the things that we anticipated was that white people, segregationists, would say they didn't want to sit next to dirty, smelly Negroes in restaurants.

So we developed a dress code. The young men wore suits and ties, and the women wore dresses.

The life and contribution of james luther bevel

I got confidence in my ability to work effectively in the movement. We had prepared for that in the workshops. Everybody who went had pledged to be nonviolent. When they announced that we were under arrest, everyone got up and walked willingly to the patrol wagon. And when the police turned around, a whole new set of demonstrators had taken seats at the lunch counter.

That very day, we organized a march to City Hall.

Diane Nash

Several thousand people marched.In , Dr. Martin Luther King awarded Nash and her husband, James Bevel, SCLC's Rosa Parks Award for their work. Nash remained active throughout the Civil Rights Movement, and later in the Vietnam peace movement. Watch video · James Bevel was a civil rights activist who worked with Martin Luther King Jr.

In , Bevel was convicted of committing incest with one of his daughters. Early Life. james martin. james martin Essay Examples. Top Tag’s.

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Words. to. James Luther Bevel was born in the farming community of Ittabena, Mississippi, on October 19, This civil rights activist, minister, lyricist, and human rights advocate gained a national reputation for both his impassioned activism and managerial efficiency as one of Martin Luther King's top lieutenants in the freedom struggles of the s.

James Luther Bevel | American minister and political activist |

James Luther Bevel (born ) was a civil rights activist of the s who aligned himself with Martin Luther King, Jr. James Luther Bevel was born in the farming community of Ittabena, Mississippi, on October 19, James Luther Bevel James Luther Bevel, a Civil Rights Activist, made an impact on the U.S.

The life and contribution of james luther bevel

by succeeding in spreading awareness of the segregation and discrimination of African American people in the U.S. and by organizing events that helped end this segregation.

Bevel did two things: he st.

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