Toyota cross culture issues

The automaker should also work harder to listen to and analyze complaints from customers and to work more harmoniously with regulators, the panel said. Separately, it said, Toyota should install electronic data recorders in its vehicles that are easier to read because the current technology is difficult for outside safety officials to use. It simply took note of a recent study conducted by NASA, which said that no electronic or software error had been found that could cause sudden acceleration, despite widespread speculation that such a glitch could have caused a rash of reports. Toyota has held up the NASA report, which was released in February, as an indication that it was not to blame for the rash of sudden-acceleration complaints, first brought to national attention after a crash near San Diego killed four people.

Toyota cross culture issues

Toyota Boasted of Skirting Recalls In three news conferences this month, Toyoda has stayed true to form as a Japanese president and left the details of the defects and quality measures to another executive. He has focused on sending the message that he is sincere and ready to correct where the esteemed "Toyota Way" of production has gone astray.

And I am convinced that the only way for Toyota to emerge stronger from this experience is to adhere more closely to them. Japan has a special phrase to describe such behind-the-scenes consensus-building, "nemawashi," which translates as "laying the groundwork. Nemawashi is bureaucratic and time-consuming, but once a decision is made, everyone is on the same page, and action proceeds quickly without infighting.

Japanese managers build their careers by moving up within the company and it is unusual for top executives to be recruited from outside.

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Toyoda is relatively cosmopolitan - for a Japanese president. English courses tend to be pedantic, focusing on grammatical rules, and starting foreign language lessons in childhood is rare. Toyoda, who has a business degree from Babson College in Massachusetts, has no problems reading an English statement, but his halting English at news conferences indicates he will struggle to improvise answers when faced with a grilling from lawmakers.

Get an interpreter, and someone who understands American feelings, advises Yoshikawa.

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In another telling contrast of corporate cultures, Japanese chief executives are also paid far less than their American counterparts. Such studies have estimated the salaries of past Toyota presidents at between half a million and a million dollars.

By contrast, Ford Motor Co. Stock options are limited in Japan, though presidents do get chauffeur-driven limousines, expense accounts and sometimes private jets. Toyoda, however, is widely viewed as having more at stake than the average Japanese president. He owns more than 4. Toyota dividends last year were yen 90 cents a share.

Toyoda has shown another difference: He has apologized to customers for inconvenience and worries, but only bowed in a routine greeting, not in ceremonial apology.

Kabukiesque atonement for Japanese company heads typically comes as a deep bow held for several seconds to show heartfelt remorse for wrongdoing. The president may then announce he is stepping down in symbolic "hara-kiri" to be replaced by another equally symbolic president.

Some Japanese crisis-management experts were critical Toyoda neglected protocol by dispensing with the humble bow. What awaits in Congress could be far more testing. He was just placed on a pedestal.

He became president in the most unfortunate of situations in the most unfortunate of times.

Toyota cross culture issues

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report.The Toyota Way is a set of principles and behaviors that underlie the Toyota Motor Corporation's managerial approach and production system.

Toyota first summed up its philosophy, values and manufacturing ideals in , calling it "The Toyota Way ". A cross cultural management study on Toyota. Print Reference this.

Disclaimer: The ‘Toyota Way’ is a set of standards that harness the Toyota (Japanese) culture. These standards are applied by the Japanese in virtually all their dealings. MANAGING ISSUES IN TOYOTA (JAPAN AND THE UNITED STATES). The Shingo Prize is named in honor of the great Japanese manufacturing engineer Shigeo Shingo, co-inventor of the Toyota Production System (in other words, lean manufacturing).

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