Unit 3 p6 and m3 develop a

The effectiveness of sports development has a direct impact on many current issues in sport including the performance of athletes at major events, healthy living and developing key life skills.

Unit 3 p6 and m3 develop a

P3 In this essay I will be explaining the role of advertising agencies in the successful promotional campaign. I will explain the two types of advertising agencies and then will go on to state why organisation uses them.

An advertising agency is a firm that creates new promotional ideas, designs print, radio, television and internet advertisement and other methods that would help a client in entering and succeeding a chose market [1].

There are two types of advertising agency limited and full service advertising agency.

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Full service advertising agency deal with designing, planning, copyright and the production of an advertising campaign, they also would have to come up with an idea and create the advert. Full service would allow business owners to concentrate on running and growing the company.

On the other hand the limited advertising agency differs from an full service advertising as they only provide what the limited advertising agency is specialized. One role of advertising agency would be media buying.

Media buying is the finding of the best possible placement and price for a product within any given media. Finding the best option for the client would include in the agency matching the demographics of the product with the demographics of the media e.

The main task of Media Buying lies within the advertising agency to negotiate the price and placement to ensure the best possible value can be secured for their client, one way an advertising agency would be able to ensure a cheaper rate for the client would be by bulk buying advertising time for multiple clients.

One example of a business choosing the perfect platform would be Orange as they advertise in cinemas because they advertise their Orange Wednesday 2 for 1 cinema ticket deals. Another service an advertising agency would provide would be advertisement design.

For advertisement agency they will combine all copywright, graphic design and typography in order to design the perfect advertisement for their client. Copywright would have to be looked at as business copywright pictures or slogan etc.

Also the agency would have to look at the brand values and use the clients brand in the most suitable way. This is very key for a successful promotional campaign as people should look at the advertisement design and think that this business is a professional and reliable business, as this will be the face of the business as this would be used in order to communicate with people.

Another service advertising agencies use would be public relations.

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Public relations is would help a business gain more awareness to the public and positive association to the business which is key when wanting to grow and succeed as a business.

Public relations would be used through social networking e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook as these are very popular social networking sites used by nearly all age groups, also people entertain themselves, work ,revise all though the internet which would be a good platform to gain exposure.

Unit 3 p6 and m3 develop a

This would help to a successful promotional campaign as you would need people to view your promotional material in order for the business to benefit from it. Advertising production is another service the agency would provide for the client.

This is when the advertising is actually being produced whether it is radio or TV, which is more costly than print based advertising e.The Owner of BCC has asked you to develop a complex spreadsheet model to analyse their sales data, as covered in the scenario (P2).

This will involve the use of formulae, features and functions to process information (P3) and refining the complex spreadsheet model by changing rules and values (M1). Assignment 3: Injury Rehabilitation Programmes (P6, M3, D2). Tutor introduces the assignment brief.

Treatment and rehabilitation: identification of acknowledged procedures with opportunities for learners to engage in practical activities to increase range of movement. Apr 22,  · Unit 3 P6- Jake Kearnan Posted on April 22, by atrixmain Explain how they decided what data they would require to develop the required management information and how they checked it for accuracy.

Completed on different sheets handed in. P6 In the form of a poster extract reference information from component manufacturers’ catalogues and materials and . One role of advertising agency would be media rutadeltambor.com buying is the finding of the best possible placement and price for a product within any given media.

Unit 3: Introduction to Marketing Unit code: Y// QCF Level 3: BTEC National Credit value: 10 P6 develop a coherent marketing mix for a new product or service. [CT] M3 develop a coherent marketing mix that is targeted at a defined group of potential customers.

PLTS: This summary references where applicable, in the square brackets.

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